About us

VEDELD is a Norwegian based company with an in-depth understanding of technologies across industries. We are specialists in technology development support.

One of our specialties is to develop emerging technologies such as subsea electrification, through our multidiscipline team we can maximize benefits and manage the inherent risks.

Our range of skills allows us to support clients through the assessment, qualification and integration of new technologies into their developments.


VEDELD is the continuation of Core Subsea founded in 2007. The company grew to a partnership employing 20 engineers who built four state-of-the-art intervention vessels. In 2010 Core Subsea was merged with Aker Oilfield Services. Core Subsea remained and restarted in 2013 with consultancy for major oil companies.

In 2015 Core Subsea transferred its activity to VEDELD, expanding its activities into construction and qualification of special solutions to all industries.